Unreservedly recommended

In 2011 I set about publishing a book of my poems and songs and for this purpose approached Frank Kelly of Lettertec. Even though Frank was extremely busy, he always had time to discuss the project and gave me some very sound advice. He was always helpful, courteous and professional and dependable in meeting the deadline.
As well as text, the book contained staff notation for some of the songs and there were also illustrations to be inserted in various places. Everything seemed to fall into place. This book being in the Irish language, I visualised some added problems but I was wrong. The staff at Lettertec were excellent and nothing seemed a problem for them.
I had the pleasure of working with the Graphic Designer, Elaine Barry on the lay-out of the book and much of the success of the publication is due to her expertise, experience and patience. No matter what changes I demanded, she obliged and made it all seem effortless. The final product, with hard cover in full colour, surpassed my expectations and to prove the point, sales have also been ahead of expectations.
I would be more than happy to do business in the future with Lettertec and would  unreservedly recommend them to others.
-Seán Ó Muimhneacháin.

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