Anything is Possible

“Wow, beautiful quality, very professional looking.” These are the things my family are saying about my book on our family history, which Frank Kelly and his team at Lettertec – the parent of – printed for me. Even though I only had 60 copies printed, as it is a private book for my family, I can honestly say I received the same care and attention as I’m sure I would have if I had thousands of copies printed. I didn’t start out to write a book, just record a few notes on our family. This took on ‘a life of its own’ and grew into a rather large text. I knew nothing about printing a book and was delighted when I met Frank as he took the time to explain everything I needed to know to me. Lettertec always delivered on what they said they would do. I’d never have considered employing a graphic designer to design the cover until it was suggested it to me and I’m so glad I listened. My family now has a high quality coffee table-style book to rival any to be found in the bookshops. Thank you Lettertec, I really appreciate everything you did to help me. If you are considering writing a book and are on the lookout for a printer, I highly recommend Lettertec and

-Adrienne Barlow Small, author of Anything is Possible

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