The 14th West Cork Literary Festival, 8th-19th July 2012

The tradition of celebrating literature has not gone away yet, and, it seems, will not soon find a stopping place in Bantry. The 14th West Cork Literary Festival ran last week with events as rich and varied as an Antiquarian Book Fair, nightly Open mics, Children’s readings, a conversation with Paul Muldoon, heritage walks, and daily workshops (11 workshops running for five days, and 8 others).

One of the many highlights of the festival was the Editor-in-Residence, Suzanne Baboneau, who was available for hour-long sessions in order to go through manuscripts with aspiring authors and offer advice.

Michael Parkinson also featured on the programme, and his chat with Miriam O’Callaghan was one of the most popular events of the festival. This event, held on Thursday evening, sold out, and no wonder, as the charismatic host was in top form. According to RTÉ.ie, Miriam looked back on the night with joy:

“Sometimes when you meet people in the public eye you have admired forever, it can be very disappointing – Parky didn’t disappoint. He was even more wonderful than I hoped he would be – funny, really interesting and very kind. I loved interviewing him – it was a great experience and a great night.”

Watch the whole interview online here.

The feedback on social media to the Festival has been tremendous; it seems that “a great experience and a great night” was had by all. This was a festival not to be missed, and we can only sit and wait with bated breath until it comes around again next year!

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