Bookshop Originals

The Bookseller announced today that a book list, compiled by publishers this Autumn, will be presented to booksellers around the UK to select their ‘Top 10’:

Delegates attending the Booksellers Association’s annual conference at Warwick University over 16th-17th September will be asked to select a list of 10 titles, which will form a package of ‘Bookshop Originals’ that indies will then hand-sell onto their customers.

This initiative is designed to promote sales in bookshops and local retailers and to determine the role booksellers play in readers’ choices at Christmastime.

The brains behind the proposal is Patrick Neale, president and owner of Jaffé and Neale bookshop. He said:  “Bookshops play a crucial role in the discovery of books, running literary festivals and events, and they are instrumental in launching many new authors. There is no doubt that it is a challenging time for bookshops so it couldn’t be a better time to meet together and discuss the future of the industry.”

So when you’re dallying around WHSmith or your local bookshop this December, keep an eye out for the Booksellers Favourites — an opportunity  to pick up quality presents!

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