Monica Doyle – In Step with Divine Time

Monica Doyle

Developing Mindfulness helps us to find calm and stability in our relationships with ourselves and others in the midst of our busy, stressful lives. As a busy Christmas season approaches it is easy to find ourselves out of step with the true reasons behind the holiday.

Author Monica Doyle lives in East Cork where she has constructed a sanctuary away from the hub bub of busy modern life. In her new book entitled “In Step with Divine Time” she explores how to get back into step with yourself and your core Christian beliefs through a series thought provoking questions and inspiring words and music.   The launch of the book will take place on Monday, 9th of December 2013  at “The Green Room” in Sage Restaurant, Midleton from 6.30pm.

A psychiatric nurse by day, two years ago Monica got rid of her TV and instead tuned into her inner vision to rediscover her Christian journey. The self-penned poetry and original sketches are a result of this two year a journey of self-discovery.

“To be in step with Divine Time is a lofty aspiration indeed! I wrote this book for us lesser mortals, who may be feeling a little out of step or a little out of time” said Monica “the book combines a collection of original poetry and sketches, bible stories and a cd of musical treats designed to enable you to achieve a greater level of Mindfulness in relation to your journey.”

Monica’s new book will be available from a selection of book shops and directly through her website from 10th December 2013.

For further information contact:

Claire O’Brien


About the Author:

Monica Doyle lives in East Cork, on the South Coast of Ireland.When not working as a Psychiatric Nurse, Monica is to be found out walking along the cliffs, with her dog “Rocky”. Further information is available on her blog


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Comments from the judge on our prize winning book


IP Awards13 winner Digital Print

The judge had this to say about our winning entry in The Irish Print Awards 2013

“Good colour reproduction, consistent use of high quality tints and very well finished.”



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Lettertec Wins Irish Print Award

Phil Schueler from MJ Flood presenting the Award for Digital Print of the Year 2013 to Frank Kelly from Lettertec Ireland Ltd

Phil Schueler from MJ Flood presenting the Award for Digital Print of the Year 2013 to Frank Kelly from Lettertec Ireland Ltd


Cork based printing company Lettertec Ireland Ltd has won the prestigious Irish Print Award 2013 in the Best Digital Print category. This highly contested category contained 7 finalists from all over Ireland

They won the award for the book Rhymes for Remedies. This hardback book was printed and bound using Lettertec’s unique Ota-bind complete lay flat capability.  It features bright, vibrant colours and Chile red end sheets which helped the book stand out.  The book has been a success and is available to buy not only from Ireland, but the UK, Europe and in the US

Managing Director of Lettertec, Mr Frank Kelly said, “we are delighted to have won this award, all the work was completed in-house and we are proud of it.”

Lettertec is based in Carrigtohill Co. Cork, founded in 1983, it specialises in printing for the business and educational sector, in recent years it has expanded into the printing and binding of books. Lettertec prints books for both individuals and for publishing houses.

The awards ceremony took place on Friday, November 29th, at the Crowne Plaza Dublin Northwood.


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Moira O’Reilly – The Woman’s Totem

The Woman's Totem image


The Woman’s Totem was conceived in 2006 when she listened to a Past Life Meditation CD. She had always been curious about past life experiences but never thought she would be able to travel back in time, to a time before she was born. As she relaxed into the meditation she had no great expectations of success. She was wrong. Over the course of the next forty five minutes she travelled back through her life, all the way back to being in her mother’s womb. It is hard for her to explain the experience other than to say she felt, heard and saw from insider her body.

This is the story of a woman who never existed – except that she exists inside every woman, whether she realises it or not. The story of the inward journey the Woman made to self-discovery and onwards to self-empowerment. Join the Woman through the pages of this story. Learn what she discovered about herself and discover what you can learn about yourself along the way.

After going through the process of designing, printing and binding her book, Moira said the following about the process.

“I’ve been calling this book my baby for years now, so I guess I could say it’s been a painless delivery. Oh and you’ve been a very good midwife so to speak.”

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Amy Fitzgerald – Freedom to Fly

Amy Fitzgerald


Amy’s life journey has thus far taken her down many fascinating pathways including completing her degree in Business Studies, appearing on School around the Corner receiving the Children of Courage Award, meeting many famous and interesting people, but none prouder than working on her own collection of poetry and getting them to print.

She lives with a severe disability, in medical terms ‘Congenital Defect’ but in simple terms she was born without legs from below the knee and without hands from below the elbow. Although this has made things more difficult for her growing up and moving through the various stages in her life, it has definitely not proven to be a barrier for her in achieving anything she sets her heart on. Although her educational background is centred around business, her heart and passion lies most certainly in writing poetry.

Growing up, she never really focused on her disability and it never seemed to bother her but when she reached her mid/late teens it started to concern her more and more. She never spoke about and always played the part in all aspects of my life but inside it hurt to see her sisters, brother and friends having opportunities that seemed only dreams to her. She found a huge sense of self-acceptance through her poetry and finds that she can handle her lot in life a bit easier because of the relationship I have with writing.

In her own words, she says that her poetry has “given me a place I can be totally myself and express my emotions, ideas and memories.”

Speaking about her launch, Amy said that it was the “best night of my life ever!”

Having the opportunity to print and bind her poems with has been a dream come true for her. She hopes everyone gets something positive from reading her work, because her message is one of optimism, even through the most difficult of times.

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Ronnie Kelly – Dad I never knew that

Dad I never knew that


Several years ago, Ronnie was repeating an Icebreaker presentation at his local Toastmasters meeting and among the attendance this time was his daughter, Annette. In the course of his speech – a broad review of who he was, where he had come from and how I got there, he referred to a particular event of which Annette had no previous knowledge.

It dawned on Ronnie that his daughters did not know much about his life. After a few conversations, he decided to start writing down his life, and that is how this book emerged.

Ronnie Kelly’s book will make you laugh, touch your heart but most of all it will keep you engaged. Born in October 1934, in Dublin, Ronnie was orphaned at an early age, and enrolled in St. Vincent’s Male Orphanage in Glasnevin, where he received an education in both academia and life that has stood to him to the present day. While life in the orphanage was not easy, the education received from the Irish Christian Brothers and the interests stimulated while in St Vincent’s shaped the man he was to become, sustaining him through the ups and downs of teenage years through love and romance and care-free bike rides around Dublin City and count, to marriage, children and grandchildren, to a variety of jobs, and a move from the comfort of Dublin and family to the unknown county of Cork, where a while new chapter in Ronnie’s life began.

Ronnie was delighted to see the book when he came to to collect them. We hope that his memoirs will last for several generations.

The book will be launched on Thursday the 28th of November at 6.30pm in the Bishopstown library.

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Paddy Murray – Relating to Roscomroe

Relating to Roscomroe

Paddy Murray – Relating to Roscomroe

–          A compliation of historical stories, facts and other matters of interest 1305-1960s.

During the 1940s, Paddy spent his early days at Coopers of Beaugh, Clears House which adjoined Coopers house, was often regarded as his second home where over the years he had breakfast, dinner and tea, with Martin Clear and Billy “Barney” Bergin (nephew) listening to Martins many stories, also stories told to his father, Joe Murray by Bill Pratt, John Mooney, Andy Quinlan, Tom and Geroge Smith.

His house in Gurteen was a rambling house where people would congregate to discuss the news of the day where the Midland tribune was read aloud beneath the flickering light of the oil lamp (no radio, television or phone). Mikie Chester (Clashroe) and Martin Whelan The Grove, Gurteen) seemed the wise men of the bunch. Later in life I got to know Bill and Pakie Guinan (Upper Gureen) Michael Walsh Postman, Brownhills) and Pakie Mulvey (Summerhill) who was a fountain of knowledge.

A brief encounter with Pat Cordial (1891-1969) Kinnitty in 1963 impressed on him the history of Roscomroe.  The book includes plenty of information on the local area and the families that have lived there and it took fifteen years for Paddy to research, write and finish the book. Paddy gives the history of the area from 1305 all the up to 1960.

Paddy wanted to have a traditional cover for the book. ordered a book block especially for the project and all involved were happy with the result. The book is hardback and all at have no doubt that it will be a valuable resource for future readers and historians for generations to come.


For more information or to buy a copy, see the books website.

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