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Edmund Buckley – The Project Syndrome

Edmund Buckley


The Death of a Socialite explores the subconscious concerns of the protagonist Gareth Rafter as he feels helplessly propelled into the new millennia by an overwhelmingly corrupt society that he would rather not be part of.

Gareth’s artistic ability seems to set him apart from his family and friends but his social circumstances and the emotional pit he has been digging for himself since he was a child seems too deep a plot for his escape into the riches and success that he obviously desires and so rightfully deserves.

As we move through this life determining fortnight that leads up to Gareth’s plan to leave home and the social responsibilities he has been forced to adhere to we find out just how much emotional baggage has been weighing him and his social circle down.

Edmund ran a successful fundit campaign to enable him to print the book.

This first novel by Edmund Buckley is the second commercial exploit by The Project Syndrome.


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Paddy Murray – Relating to Roscomroe

Relating to Roscomroe

Paddy Murray – Relating to Roscomroe

–          A compliation of historical stories, facts and other matters of interest 1305-1960s.

During the 1940s, Paddy spent his early days at Coopers of Beaugh, Clears House which adjoined Coopers house, was often regarded as his second home where over the years he had breakfast, dinner and tea, with Martin Clear and Billy “Barney” Bergin (nephew) listening to Martins many stories, also stories told to his father, Joe Murray by Bill Pratt, John Mooney, Andy Quinlan, Tom and Geroge Smith.

His house in Gurteen was a rambling house where people would congregate to discuss the news of the day where the Midland tribune was read aloud beneath the flickering light of the oil lamp (no radio, television or phone). Mikie Chester (Clashroe) and Martin Whelan The Grove, Gurteen) seemed the wise men of the bunch. Later in life I got to know Bill and Pakie Guinan (Upper Gureen) Michael Walsh Postman, Brownhills) and Pakie Mulvey (Summerhill) who was a fountain of knowledge.

A brief encounter with Pat Cordial (1891-1969) Kinnitty in 1963 impressed on him the history of Roscomroe.  The book includes plenty of information on the local area and the families that have lived there and it took fifteen years for Paddy to research, write and finish the book. Paddy gives the history of the area from 1305 all the up to 1960.

Paddy wanted to have a traditional cover for the book. Selfpubublishbooks.ie ordered a book block especially for the project and all involved were happy with the result. The book is hardback and all at selfpublishbooks.ie have no doubt that it will be a valuable resource for future readers and historians for generations to come.


For more information or to buy a copy, see the books website. http://relatingtoroscomroe.letshostsitebuilder.com/

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Women from the 1990’s speak to the present in Clonakilty

Women Speak-COVER_26061231

Fourteen local women born between the 1920’s and 1960’s have shared their varied experiences and lives in a new book.


Day-to-day living and peculiar adventures such as memories of the crew of a German U Boat, drinking coffee in a kitchen after an incident are just some of the stories within this text. How they lives their lives, cooked and looked after their families. Their thoughts on the past, the times they miss and don’t are some of the topics discussed.


The stories were gathered by one-to-one interviews with the editor Alison Wickham as part of celebrating 400 years of Clonakilty as a town. Also as a way of capturing the memories of a generation for successive generations to see, read and understand. Through this book we can see Ireland the way that it is – the history and laws that shaped women’s lives in it.


Alison Wickham is a qualified nurse who also gained a degree in organisational psychology. She was born in the New Zealand and has also lived in the US for two years.


The stories were gathered by one-to-one interviews, mostly from people that know the editor. She sought out information that would add a variety of experiences to the book.


Women Speak – Life for Clonakilty Women in the 1990’s Volume 1, was launched in O’ Donovan’s Hotel in Clonakilty on the 11th of July to a warm community atmosphere.


The book was printed by selfpublishbooks.ie in Carrigtohill, Cork due to the small, local appeal of the book and the customer responsiveness of the staff there.


All proceeds go to the ClonakiltyMuseum for artefacts relating to local women. It is available at the Clonakilty Bookshop, Kerr’s Bookshop, Coughlan’s Bookshop and Bandon Books.


Shown is a picture of the Editor Alison Wickham and Director of selfpublishbooks.ie Frank Kelly.



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