Poetry Deal

Anyone that has written poetry in the last few years knows how difficult it is to get their work published.  Ireland is rich with high quality literary publications that specialise in poetry; both in print and online, however, it is not as satisfying as having a collection in print form.

Most poetry publishers in Ireland have seen their incomes reduced due to funding cuts by the Arts Council and local county/city councils. Those cuts are unlikely to be reversed in the next few years.  As a result, even established poets have struggled to get their work published.

We want to help poets publish their collections, enabling them to give and sell copies to their friends, families, local libraries, fellow poets, writers groups and ensure that their work is not lost or forgotten. Therefore we came up with a special package for poets and their collections.

Most poetry collections with the exception of anthologies are B size and 60-64 pages. More than enough for a poet to expand on their theme or show their best work. Based on that, we are offering the following

Cover Design

Formatting/Typesetting of the collection to B size

Printing and binding of two hundred softcover books with black and white pages.

ISBN and barcode registration so that the book can be sold in the major shops

All of the above for just €800, or €4 per book.

The books will be printed on Munken Bookwove and bound using our unique Ota-bind method. Hardbacks, more pages and colour pages cost extra but can be organised if the poet wants it.

Price excludes delivery and is for a limited time only.

For more information or to talk about your project, get in touch, http://www.selfpublishbooks.ie/contact/

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Aisling Connolly – Enlightened Birth, From Womb To World

Enlightened Birth


Aisling does not know where her unquestionable belief in her birthing body arose from. This book is based on her own births and her experience as a Bio Energy therapist, working with the body’s energetic structure to positively influence the physical body.

When Aisling started writing this book, she started to thoroughly search for scientific and clinical backing to what she instinctively felt and knew, both as a mother and as a bio energy therapist; the importance of creating a nurturing womb for babies and experiencing a calm birth, free of trauma for both mother and baby.

Today more than ever, we fully realise just how important and influential womb life and birth experience is at shaping our babies future – both physically and emotionally. Enlightened Birth offers the amazing opportunity of becoming a conscious parent and giving your baby the ultimate head start in life.

The book and CD program will guide you lovingly through pregnancy and birth, empowering you with the following knowledge.

  • The essence of conscious parenting
  • How to create the optimum, health
  • How to bond with your baby in the womb
  • An in-depth understanding of how the birthing body works, making it clear just how possible and realistic it is to experience a calm, enlightened birth.
  • Powerful and effective breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques which will support you through pregnancy, birth and the early weeks of motherhood.

The book and CD will be available for purchase soon on www.myenlightenedbirth.com

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Imhappynow.com endorsed by The Department of Education

One of our writers, Diarmuid Hudner, received some very good news today from The Department of Education.

“My new novel “Im Happy Now.Com” which deals with the highly sensitive topics of bullying, suicide, self-harming and substance abuse among teenagers and how they change their lives around has just been endorsed by The National Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator for the Department of Education.”

Congratulations Diarmuid from everyone at selfpublishbooks.ie

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Edmund Buckley – The Project Syndrome

Edmund Buckley


The Death of a Socialite explores the subconscious concerns of the protagonist Gareth Rafter as he feels helplessly propelled into the new millennia by an overwhelmingly corrupt society that he would rather not be part of.

Gareth’s artistic ability seems to set him apart from his family and friends but his social circumstances and the emotional pit he has been digging for himself since he was a child seems too deep a plot for his escape into the riches and success that he obviously desires and so rightfully deserves.

As we move through this life determining fortnight that leads up to Gareth’s plan to leave home and the social responsibilities he has been forced to adhere to we find out just how much emotional baggage has been weighing him and his social circle down.

Edmund ran a successful fundit campaign to enable him to print the book.

This first novel by Edmund Buckley is the second commercial exploit by The Project Syndrome.

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Tom Hamilton – Halbowline Revisited

Tom Hamilton was born in New Ross, Co Wexford. He joined the Naval Service in April 1963 and was to return to Wexford two months later for Naval Honour Guard for President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Trained as a chef, Tom spent many years both ashore and at sea. He was promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Office in catering in the 80s and remained as assistant catering officer until 2007.

He went on to work in the Naval Dockyard until his retirement in January 2013, having spent nearly 50 years on the island of Haulbowline.

“Having discovered that a foundation stone for the Naval Dockyard had actually existed, my quest was now to try find the elusive stone. To do this meant rolling back the years, back to the 1800s to an island of rocks and foxes.

What I discovered during my months of searching and research was truly amazing as information accumulated. I pieced together the history of an island reborn from sheer stone rock and reclaimed land.

The island which ay dormant for centuries now began to grown and a great victualing yard, dockyard and drydock emerged, encompassing an area of over 15 acres.”

Tom ordered a mixture of hardback and softback books. His first print sold out within days and he soon ordered another.

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Tish Canniffe – Izzy and the Magic Rock

Izzy and the magic rock

Tish Canniffe was inspired to write this book based on a picture of her granddaughter Izzy sitting on a rock. This image is featured prominently on the back of the book cover . At the age of 61, this is Tish Canniffe’s first book after spending most of her life as an artist and a weaver.

Izzy had always wanted to have an adventure, but she had never expected that she would become a very important part of a desperate battle to save the animals. She must find a way to get back their most precious possession from their deadly enemies the rats and time was running out…

However, Tish has found a problem will her granddaughter inspiring her; all her other grandchildren now want her to write a book about them. Everyone had selfpublishbooks.ie hope that she does.



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Donal Barry – Desperately Seeking Brendan


Every sport has its star players, loyal supporters and every team has their dreams and ambitions. In Ladies Football, the “Brendan Martin” holds the same honour as “Liam McCarthy” in hurling of “Sam Maguire” in football. Every year, teams set out in search of that Holy Grail.

Kerry last won the All-Ireland senior title in 1993. That was their 11th National title. Now twenty years later, we follow the current crop of Kerry footballs and follow their bid to win title number 12.

All proceeds go towards helping to fund the Kerry Ladies Football team.

Donal Barry is a freelance sports journalist. He is based in Kerry and can be seen at times in The Kerryman and The Corkman.


The frustration in the stand is heard loud and clear but it is not focused at the ref. Aislinn Desmond and Caroline Kelly have just collected two balls out of the Dublin sky and broke down yet another Galway attack. Kerry are hanging on and every ball is vital. Another roar from the back line aimed at a Kerry player who has just lost possession far too easily. “Are they trying to lose it?” a belief shared between the two Kerry players who have to get tight again.
Caroline Kelly mops up another ball and this time it is sent to space. It is collected by Corridan who feeds a ball to Lorraine Scanlon. The return pass never comes and there is a little frustration from the passer, however this is Scanlon’s moment.
She dummies her player. It sends shivers down some of the player’s spines as it is something that is not normally associated with the tall midfielder, but she is unperturbed. She had lived in her mother’s shadow long enough and when she makes space for herself, she kicks from 40 yards against the wind. It has the distance and it is on target.
It has the feeling of a goal in the stand as the Kerry crowd come to their feet now believing again. A minute later it is over and Kerry are Division 2 Champions. The doubt of the supporters is forgotten as they make their way to the field. After all, who is going to miss Bernie’s speech? They have been 4 years waiting for it.

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